Shark Tanks


Software to Streamline Your Next Shark Tank

Empower your employees with a voice to grow revenue, improve efficiency, and increase employee engagement at scale.

Increase Participation

Leverage Ideawake's built in promotion tools while creating a more collaborative experience.

Improve Transparency

Automatically keep participants in the loop at every stage of your Shark Tank.

Save Time on Administration

Track all your ideas in one place, automate accountability, and communicate progress at scale.

“Nothing will propel a company further than a culture of innovation: An atmosphere that inspires employees, every hour they're at work, to seek out innovative opportunities.”



Run Your Next Shark Tank Digitally to Save Time and Increase Engagement

Collect, Collaborate Around, and Vote for Ideas

Invited participants submit ideas to your Shark Tank. Upload files, images, or video, and collaborate in real time. 

  • Duplicate Idea Detection

    Automatically detect and display similar ideas while a user is posting their solution to avoid duplicates and improve collaboration. 

  • Real Time Chat & Team Workspace

    Collaborate with participants on posted ideas in real time to iterate quickly and efficiently.

  • Automatically Surface Ideas with Crowd Voting

    Aggregate the wisdom of your employees and other stakeholders by allowing them to vote and surface the best ideas, saving decision makers time. 

Collect and Collaborate
Collaboratively Develop Proposals

Collaboratively Build Proposals Around Shortlisted Submissions

Enable teams to develop proposals around shortlisted submissions with the information judges need to evaluate potential and select winners. 

  • Build Teams Around Submissions

    Allow submitters to invite team members to collaborate on their submission or enable others to request and join teams.

  • Customize Proposal Fields

    Use custom fields to make sure that teams are submitting the information judges need to evaluate potential and select winners.

  • Store Files & Integrate with File Systems

    Seamlessly collaborate on embedded files, images, and videos. Integrate with the file systems you use to avoid managing data in multiple places.

Judge Team Proposals Based on Custom Criteria and Award Winners

Assign internal or external stakeholders to rank solutions and aggregate their opinions into a single score. 

  • Create Custom Scorecards

    Customize your evaluation criteria to match organizational goals and processes. 

  • Automatically Assign Reviewers

    Assign specific groups of users to assess each idea based on custom scorecarding criteria. 

  • Aggregate Judge Ratings into a Single Score

    Easily review aggregated responses and objectively award winners based on aggregated feedback from judges. 



Designed to Save Time and Maximize Impact

Workflows and Stages

Customize the steps ideas go through from collection to implementation.

Real Time Team Workspace

Provide a space for teams to share files, build out solutions and collaborate in real time.

Annoucements and Notifications

Automatically notify submitters and relevant stakeholders on updates and progress. 

Collaborative Judging

Create scorecards with custom criteria and automatically assign judges to evaluate submissions.

Gamification and Prizes

Incentivize participation with gamification, a leaderboard, and prizes for participation.

Participation and Activity Analytics

Compare ideas based on value, cost, and time to implement making resource allocation decisions easier. 

"The platform is very intuitive and we appreciated the ability to track and manage solutions as they came through the system. Evaluation and collaboration was easily achieved at scale with over 300 solutions being routed to 30+ different evaluators. "

Darcy Lorenzon

Darcy Lorenzon

VP of Strategy at ProHealth Care

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