Continuous Improvement


Software to Maximize Improvement Impact

Enabling front-line teams to collaborate, evaluate, validate, and implement the top 5% of ideas that will drive 95% of new business results.

Centralize Collection & Tracking

Easily capture or import improvements from anywhere, anytime. Rank and collaborate on improvements in real time.

Customizable Workflows

Move improvements through best practice workflows like PDCA and DMAIC, or build your own custom processes.

Gamification to Increase Engagement

Use points, badges, and leaderboards to incentivize participation and discover your most influential contributors.

“Before Ideawake, we collected and managed ideas via email threads. Now, our process is much more transparent because employees can easily track the progress of their ideas as they are evaluated and implemented. Getting started was easy.”

SaraJane 2

Sara Jane Vomhoff
Six Sigma Black Belt at Quest Diagnostics


Elevate Operational Performance

Improving dollars spent per item built

Reducing scrap created and wasted

Improving safety and reducing incidents

Reducing error rates and defects

Maximizing on time delivery and efficiency

Reducing waiting and extra processing

Capture and Collaborate on Improvements in Real Time from Anywhere

Keep submitters up to date on their improvements automatically and provide a centralized place for collaboration.

  • Real Time Chat

    Collaborate with participants on posted ideas in real time to iterate quickly and efficiently.

  • Mentions and Tagging

    Prompt users to provide quality feedback and invite others to leave feedback and collaborate using @mentions.

  • Store Files & Sync Activity with Teams

    Seamlessly collaborate on embedded files, images, and videos. Integrate with your file systems to avoid managing data in multiple places. 


Better Prioritize Ideas and Get Feedback from Owners Faster

Our evaluation tools help decision makers filter signal from noise and automatically assign owners to complete evaluations. 

  • Create Custom Scorecards

    Customize your evaluation criteria to match organizational goals and processes. 

  • Automatically Assign Reviewers

    Assign specific groups of users to assess each idea based on custom scorecarding criteria. 

  • Compare Improvement ROI

    Easily compare ideas based on value, cost, and time to implement to make resource allocation decision easier.

Track the Outcomes and KPI's that Matter to You

Understand your programs current health, activity, and impact in under 30 seconds. 

  • ROI and Outcome Analytics

    Easily compare solutions based on value, cost, and time to implement to see the real time projected versus actual performance of your program.

  • Engagement Metrics

    Track the percentage of your community who are actively participating in your community and automatically prompt them to engage. 

  • Custom Report Builder

    Create custom reports to visualize the metrics that matter to your program.

Continuous Improvement Analytics

Saving $1,400,000 in 6 Months Digitizing Continuous Improvement

ExamOne is a leading provider of paramedical testing services with over 1,200 employees spread across more than 50 locations. Learn how Ideawake powered ExamOne's continuous improvement program to reach across geographical boundaries.



Designed to Save Time and Maximize Impact

Workflows and Stages

Customize the steps and approvals ideas go through from collection through implementation and tracking impact.

Smart Routing & Ownership

Use employees knowledge to automatically surface the best ideas and collect information needed to assess ROI.

Duplicate Idea Detection

Automatically detect similar ideas while users submit them to avoid duplicates and improve collaboration.

Anonymous Posting

Optionally allow users to submit ideas, comments, and content anonymously.

Gamification and Leaderboard

Incentivize participation with gamification, a leaderboard, and prizes for participation.

Track Outcomes & ROI

Create custom KPI's and dashboards to track the metrics that are most important to your program.

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