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How Crowdsourced Innovation Works

Invite your employees, customers, or suppliers to collaborate and solve your toughest problems.

1 Post a Challenge and Send Invites

Identify areas where you would like to innovate and post a new challenge to collect targeted ideas and solutions with a few simple clicks.

Control Participation

Limit visibility and access of each challenge topic you post by department, customer list or supplier type.

Open & Closed Innovation

Tap into the public at large for ideas or limit access to your innovation management platform internally.

Ideawake Stages

Customize the steps ideas go through from collection to implementation to match your current processes.

Automated Email Notifications

Participants are automatically notified when a challenge is posted to maximize engagement.

2 Collect and Refine Ideas

Invited participants submit ideas and solutions to your challenge. Rank entries, provide feedback to posted solutions and collaborate with participants in real time.

Collect Additional Fields

Assign groups of users to refine ideas, assess time to implement and determine potential ROI.

Real Time Chat

Collaborate with participants on posted solutions in real time to iterate quickly and efficiently.

Crowd Voting

Save decision makers time by leverging the wisdom of respondents to automatically surface valuable ideas.


Incentivize participation by giving users points for completing value added activities to help move ideas forward.

3 Evaluate and Filter Ideas

Our idea management and evaluation tools help decision makers filter signal from noise to get to a desired solution more effectively.

Compare Idea ROI

Easily compare ideas based on value, cost and time to implement to make resource allocation decisions easier.

Assign Review Groups

Assign specific groups of users to assess an idea based on custom scorecarding criteria.

Multiple Evaluation Types

Assess an ideas viability based on crowd-voting or customizable scorecards.

Create Custom Scorecards

Customize evaluation criteria to match organizational goals and processes.

4 Select and Award Winning Solutions

After reviewing and picking the best solutions, award winning entries with cash or non-monetary prizes.

Customizable Prize Types

Offer a wide variety of incentives to participate in your challenges. Examples include gift cards for employees or awarding a proposal to a vendor.

We’re Here to Help

We help you with identification of the best prizes to offer participants based on your organizations goals and the challenge being presented.

5 Prioritize and Implement Ideas

Continue collaboration on the best submitted solutions to your challenge with internal or external participants.

File and Image Sharing

Seamlessly collaborate around ideas and embed powerpoints, files and images to continue developing ideas.

Real Time Chat

Collaborate with participants on posted solutions in real time to iterate quickly and efficiently arrivate at your desired solution.

Track Idea Lifecycle

Track how long it takes an idea to complete each stage in your process to determine how long it takes to travel through your innovation lifecycle.

Intuitive, Engaging, Smart Software

Ideawake creates a transparent experience that increases employee engagement and delivers more insights to decision makers in less time.

  • Insights and Analytics

    Understand your organization’s current innovation health and employee engagement in under 30 seconds.

  • Incentivize Participation

    Users earn points for participation and decision makers can award top performing participants with cash or non-monetary prizes.

  • Access Anywhere at Any Time

    One click login from email. Access Ideawake anywhere you have an internet connection by computer, smartphone or tablet.

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